Topographic Surveys

To better understand the natural and built environment in Grangemouth, a topographic survey was required. This was carried out in two parts:

Topographic Survey No. 1 (complete)

Covered the River Carron channel and the watercourse structures (river crossings, bridge crossings and weirs). In addition, a top of river bank survey was carried out for the River Carron, River Avon, Grange Burn and the Flood Relief Channel.

The information gathered from this survey is used to build a computer model of watercourses in Grangemouth. This model is an integral part in developing a design for the flood defence scheme; primarily it helps the Project Team identify suitable locations for flood defences.

Topographic Survey No. 2 (complete)

Consisted of a threshold and full topographical survey. The threshold survey consisted of measuring the levels at which water can enter into individual properties. This helps determine the impacts during a flood; whether there will be damage to the interior of a property (and how severe it will be), or if it will only block access to the building for the duration. The full topographic survey provides the Project Team with more detailed information on actual ground levels in Grangemouth.