The Grangemouth flood protection scheme is a major civil engineering project and will take place over many years. The project team are currently working through numerous activities to develop the scheme which will provide flood protection to the residents and businesses in the Grangemouth area. The chart below shows a simplified version of the overall project programme.

The project team are currently working on a series of activities to develop the scheme. Ongoing/ recently completed activities include:

As the project moves forward activities carried out by the project team shall include:

As of January 2018, the project team are preparing for Public Consultation Event No. 1, which will allow the option appraisal to be completed. The option appraisal has considered all the possible / feasible options to manage flood risk from a technical, economic, environmental and social perspective. Public consultation event No. 1 will seek feedback from the public on the options considered and help with identifying a preferred scheme. Once the option appraisal is complete and a preferred scheme identified further input from public and affected parties will take place via various consultation exercises. Further details on these consultation exercises will be advised soon.

The project programme is continually reviewed and therefore are likely to change as the project progresses.