Scheme Geographic Extent

The geographic extent of the Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme is outlined in the map below. Any flooding issues outwith the area identified will be separately considered by Falkirk Council.


The main watercourses impacting on flood risk in Grangemouth are the Grange Burn, River Avon, River Carron and the Forth Estuary. A map showing the catchment areas (i.e. the area of land which drains to the watercourses) is shown below.

Flood Cells

To ensure that the Scheme complies with the current Scottish Government guidelines for undertaking an Economic Appraisal for a Flood Protection Scheme, and in order to generate the Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), it was necessary to split Grangemouth into distinct ‘Cells’.

A flood cell is a specifically defined and isolated geographical area which is separately considered (as a block of land and property) for economic appraisal purposes. The economic benefits from one flood cell cannot be used to subsidise the economic benefits of another flood cell.

The draft flood cell boundaries can be found on the Map page. The cell boundaries may be adjusted as our understanding of flood risk is improved.