Option Appraisal

The option appraisal process is currently being undertaken during Stage 3 of the project. This process involves the project team identifying all possible options through which flood protection could be provided to the Grangemouth area. Each option is being investigated systematically until a preferred combination of options has been identified. The best combination of options is known as the 'Preferred Scheme'.

The project team estimate approx. 3,000 properties will be protected by the scheme. Consultation event no. 1 is the start of a process to communicate with as many of the residents and businesses affected by the scheme. To date the project team have strived to communicate with key stakeholders only on a confidential one-to-one basis. Consultation events will continue throughout the next stages of the project with a wider remit to include residents and businesses affected by the scheme. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please contact the project team via the Feedback page.

Through the option appraisal process the project team are considering each option from a technical, environmental, hydraulic, social (cultural) and economic perspectives. Various options are being considered by the project team, to ensure the Preferred Scheme contains the best combination of options while being also a viable scheme.

Through the option appraisal process several options were identified early in the process as not being technically, environmentally or economically viable and have been classified as 'Early Discounted Options', these include:

None of the above options have been included in the scheme design.

Identifying a Preferred Scheme

The ultimate purpose of the option appraisal is to identify a preferred scheme. Once the Preferred Scheme has been recommended by the project team, Falkirk Council's elected members will need to consider and agree the Preferred Scheme. Following this consultation event No. 2 will take place, where the public and stakeholders can view the identified preferred scheme.