Grangemouth Flood Protection Scheme

Consultation Event No. 1

Thank you to everyone who attended the consultation event held on 27 February and 19 April 2018. We hope you found the event informative and we value your feedback. If you took a feedback questionnaire away with you we would ask that you return it as soon as possible in order that we can collate and consider the comments made.

The Grangemouth flood protection scheme (the Scheme) has been identified as the highest priority scheme in the national flood risk management (FRM) strategy published by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in December 2015. There is a large number of residential and non residential property, including significant national infrastructure, at risk of floooding from the River Carron, Grange Burn, River Avon and the Forth Estuary. 

The proposed scheme will benefit over 3,000 properties with estimated flood damages avoided in the region of 6 billion pounds

Prior to the publication of the national FRM strategy, Falkirk Council had already recognised the potential risk of flooding and had carried out a number of studies. These included:

  • topographic surveys
  • development of a computer model to allow the extent of flooding to be predicted
  • assessment of the condition of existing flood management infrastructure
  • assessment of the feasibilty of a tide excluding barrier on the Grange Burn
  • geotechnical investigations

The Scheme is being advanced as a formal flood protection scheme under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 and is being designed in accordance with this Act, its 2010 Regulations, and the appropriate guidelines. The process to implement a flood protection scheme is lengthy. The Project Team consists of members of the Falkirk Council Flood Protection Team and their consultant, CH2M. The Project Team have to first gather a substantial amount of information, review potential options, consult with the public and identify the most suitable combination of flood management measures to reduce flood risk and meet the Scheme's objectives. All of this needs to be carried out before we can progress through the statutory approval stage.

This website has been created by the Project Team to provide you with information on the Scheme, to inform you of progress, and to allow you the opportunity to comment on our efforts through the Feedback page. It is our intention to keep this website updated as often as possible and to upload all critical project updates so that you may keep track of progress.

We hope you enjoy the website.

Have you ever been flooded?

If you have experienced flooding or have any photographs of flooding in or around the Grangemouth area we would like to hear from you. You can contact us here

Latest news

Further topographic and environmental surveys are being undertaken throughout the scheme area to supplement previous surveys.

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